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Monday, April 30, 2007

CISA 2007 - Audit Process #9

Types of IT Audit Testing

Compliance Testing : In a IT audit , Compliance testing determines whether controls are being applied in compliance with policy. This includes tests to determine whether new accounts were appropriately authorized.

Substantive Testing : In a IT audit , Substantive testing substantiates the integrity of actual processing, such as balances on financial statements. The development of substantive tests is often dependent on the outcome of compliance tests. If compliance tests indicate that there are adequate internal controls, then substantive tests can be minimized.

Variable Sampling : In a IT audit , Variable sampling is used to estimate numerical values, such as dollar values.

Stop-Or-Go Sampling: In a IT audit , Stop-or-go sampling allows a test to be stopped as early as possible and is not appropriate for checking whether procedures have been followed.

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