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Friday, April 27, 2007

CISA 2007 - Audit Process #8

IT Audit Process

Not reporting an intrusion is equivalent to an IT auditor hiding a malicious intrusion, which would be a professional mistake. Although notification to the police may be required and the lack of a periodic examination of access rights might be a concern, they do not represent as big a concern as the failure to report the attack. Reporting to the public is not a requirement and is dependent on the organization's desire, or lack thereof, to make the intrusion known.

An organizational chart provides information about the responsibilities and authority of individuals in the organization. This helps the IS auditor to know if there is a proper segregation of functions. A workflow chart would provide information about the roles of different employees. A network diagram will provide information about the usage of various communication channels and will indicate the connection of users to the network.

The audit charter typically sets out the role and responsibility of the internal audit department. It should state management's objectives for and delegation of authority to the audit department. It is rarely changed and does not contain the audit plan or audit process, which is usually part of annual audit planning, nor does it describe a code of professional conduct, since such conduct is set by the profession and not by management.

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